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I help smart, busy, and successful women achieve their ultimate health goals while finding balance, by supporting them to find their inner motivation for change, to build sustainable habits, and learn how to be accountable and consistent to reach their ideal vision of wellness for themselves. 

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Why Choose Health Coaching?

I understand firsthand what it takes to create a life that feels balanced and fulfilling. From my own personal journey of losing 80lbs I know how overwhelming starting your own journey to better health can be.

Meeting our goals, especially when it comes to our health, is hard. Why? Because changing our behaviors and our deeply rooted habits is not easy! Realizing you need to make a change is far easier than actually making that change happen, particularly when you don’t have support or a clear plan. That’s when a health coach can help.

Personalized health coaching is designed to create a highly actionable, and achievable plans based on your unique circumstances and desires. I support clients in finding their own strategies and motivation for change, overcoming obstacles, and implementing new habits and behaviors.

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Hey, I'm Emily!

I am an ADAPT certified functional health coach who is passionate about how focusing on whole foods and movement can transform your body, mind and health. I emphasize lifestyle and behavior change with a focus on eating real and unprocessed foods to achieve better health without deprivation.

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I believe wholeheartedly that change is possible because I re-designed my own life. Let me help you.

The amount of information available on the internet is intimidating.  You don’t have to do it alone. Success is possible when you are ready to create change and partner with someone who has been there and come through it themselves. I am confident that you can do the same. 

What You Can Expect

Individualized Care Note Taking

Individualized Care

There is no one size fits all approach when it comes to reaching your health goals. That’s why I work with clients to understand their inner strengths, needs, and motivation for change to develop plans tailored for  them. Collaborating with each client to discover what their body needs. 

Unconditional Support

My goal is to make each client who walks through the door feel heard, hopeful, and empowered. Change can be hard and throughout the process I will be here to support!

Health Coaching for Unconditional Support

What Our Clients Have To Say

With the right support and guidance you will feel empowered to make lasting change!

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