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Hi, I'm Emily!

I help women who struggle to love and connect with themselves, women who don’t know how to listen intuitively to their body’s needs, and who often use un-healthy behaviors or habits for self-care or comfort.

Women who desire true wellbeing and deep-rooted self-acceptance, but feel hopeless, frustrated, or overwhelmed by all the mixed messages within the health industry and have no idea on where to start, and how to prioritize themselves within their busy lifestyle without sacrificing everything they love.   

I do this by helping women learn how to genuinely connect with their bodies and fine their true motivation for change, giving them the tools and skills to feel empowered in how to choose healthy habits that are sustainable for them, and to feel confident in their ability to balance their wellness goals while still living their busy lifestyle without giving up everything they love. 

Like so many women I have struggled with true self love, constantly comparing myself to others, and questioning my own self worth due to the weight I saw on the scale. I spent the majority of my life overweight, hitting almost 200lbs at my highest weight. Still even with the knowledge of knowing I needed to make a change  to prioritize my health, I still felt hopeless about my ability to make true and lasting change.

In my experience ultimate change comes from consistency, having a strong vision to help fuel you forward, and challenging your old ways of thinking and believing change is possible. 

I have transformed not only my own body and health by losing 80lbs and  sustaining my weight for the last decade, but also my mind by being able to have true self love and acceptance.  I have built a foundation for change which has felt manageable, enjoyable, and sustainable, while also still being able to continue doing the things I loved previously. 

My experience also includes a deep understanding that every person is unique and our bodies are constantly changing. What worked for one person or at one point in our lives may no longer work in the future. Everyone’s journey to health and wellness will be unique and it is important for each client to feel empowered to have the tools and skills to adapt their wellness plan and health goals as their life changes. 

As a health & wellness coach I will provide a safe, open, and non-judgmental space to really listen to each of my clients true needs and help guide her to what truly matters in her life. I will embody the self love and respect for my myself that I know each of my clients is capable of having for herself and her choices. I will provide support and resources and open up possibilities for eating healthy while still enjoying the foods you love, finding enjoyable & sustainable movement, and learning to set personal and professional boundaries while prioritizing self care. 

I am very passionate about supporting women, helping them break out of old and un-healthy patterns, and seeing all possibility that lays before them and helping them reach for the best version of themselves!

Change can happen in an instant. Start your path to better health and well-being now!

I love to travel and experience different cultures and enjoying food is one of the best parts of travel. Learn tools to help you stay healthy while exploring the world!

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I used to dread any form of exercise, now it has become one of my favorite parts of my day. Let’s find the movement that is enjoyable and rewarding for you.

Stress management, finding time for yourself, time with family, friends, and in nature are all equally important when starting your health journey. Reach your health goals without sacrificing and still doing the things you love. 

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Ready to press the reset button on your health?

As an ADAPT certified functional health coach, I’m trained in several disciplines that support clients in making these lasting changes including; positive psychology, motivational interviewing, and habit formation and reversal.